This is a series of lores found in the game.

Austencian Navy

Part I

"Sailors in the Austencian Navy went through a dizzying array of coursework before being assigned to a vessel. They took exceptional pride in ensuring that every sailor was well-versed in the navigation, repair, and maintenance of their prized sailing ships. Although their methods were costly and inefficient, the Austencians forged the finest navy in all of Elumia."

Part II

"Navigation was primarily based on patterns of stars. Each vessel was equipped with two complete sets of star charts, a redundancy that demonstrated importance that the Austencians credited to stellar navigation. On a clear night, a good navigator could chart a course to anywhere the sea could lead."

Part III

"Cloudy weather was the greatest enemy of stellar navigation. Magnetic compasses were added to the Austencian fleet after a disastrous outing by Brigadier Methastus and the crew of the Harpy. Their mistake and the resulting calamity lead to the institution of other forms of navigation throughout the fleet."

Part IV

"Mathastus missed his designated rendezvous point by several hundred miles and delayed a shipment of vital supplies to the soldiers on the front line. While he was known as one of the finest navigators in the fleet, the inclement weather prohibited him from using his star charts to any avail. Instead of waiting out the storm, Mathastus ordered the Harpy onward, moving ever farther off course over a period of three days."

Part V

"Tales of ferocious sea-dragons had dogged the area known as “Death’s Head” for generations. Many of the navigational charts and maps of the day included references to the dangers of the sea-dragons and alternate routes to avoid the area. Long before the Exile, the Chimerians and several other sea faring cultures avoided the area altogether, charting trade routes hundreds of miles out of the way."

Part VI

"Austencian lore told of the father of sea navigation, Lord Haristus. Time had obscured much about the man; some in more modern times doubted whether or not he ever existed. But in Austencia he was revered as the first man to build a great warship, to chart the stars, and to sail the seas between Austencia and the southern kingdoms."

Part VII

"Lord Hasisus’ warship, the Sea Farer, was unimaginably huge. Built on the backs of slaves from a dozen nations, the Sea Farer could carry over 100 men above deck, with hundreds more in the galleys. The masts stood eighty feet above the deck and the sails were wider than the walls of Drecolt Castle."


“Navigating by night is an easier task by far, my friend,“ said Brigadier Methastus to his young charge. “Far better it is to sleep during the oppressive heat of the day let the stars guide this fair vessel by night.“

Part IX

"The classes in navigation at the Naval Academy were far from simplistic. All cadets were required to take three courses in navigation, but only the top handful of students would be invited to continue on into the Navigator's Track. Those chosen would be lifted from the ranks of expendable deck-hands into the officer class of navigators."

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