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Casting Avila's Righteous Fire covers your body in odd patterns of swirling silver flame - and Increases your Strength, Finesse and Intelligence by 2 points each and Increases your Courage by 4 points. Unfortunately, at the same time it Decreases your Danger Sense by 3 points and Increases your Chance of being Discovered by 15%. Moreover, it badly taxes your body, Expanding your Stress by a full 6 points - unless you're in great shape to begin with, any casting of this spell is likely to leave you bedridden the following day. There are no Rolls required, and Increases last for two days.


Action Type[]

  • Spell
  • Combat, Spell

Spell Types[]

  • Defiance
  • Flame
  • Intensity
  • Relentlessness
  • Incantation


Duration: 12[]

Duel Cost: 2[]

Unlocked by[]