This is a series of lores found in the game

Azilmote, Rogue Scholar, by Jons Jhonass

Part I

"He may have grew up in parts unknown, yet he lived his life in fame abound. Azilmote, the Rogue Scholar, was not a scholar at all. He lived with the notion that adults were too serious. And so he lived as a children, even when old. Pranks were pranked and jokes were joked, but Azilmote was often the most elderly of all."

Part II

"When he aged all took it that the man was serious. Azilmote played his pranks and often nobody would suspect him. Azilmote's antics were open for all to see and yet no one would see him. He would allow the pranks but none but him would take the blame. Though blame diverted, no one would take it."

Part III

"The lyrical prose of Azilmote is often misleading. He was in fact a very serious scholar who took his work seriously. He became this 'rogue scholar' when he became delighted in showing off his own profound sense of humor. He was quoted as the people of the Empire would take themselves far more serious than is required. The children of the Empire were often amused when this old man would pull the same tricks they themselves would pull. The parents themselves, however, were not amused."

Part IV

"Azilmote's antics would eventually cause great problems for him. When it came known that he was the perpetrator for many pranks, his position as an Imperial Scholar would be in danger. The seriousness he disliked would come as an opponent. The unamused parents and workers would soon see this man not as an authority figure but a child in an old body. When told this, Azilmote thanked them for the compliment and declined to continue his career himself."

Part V

"It was after the old man was gone that his presence was missed. Even a few of the academics that were sour with him eventually agreed that the work was more enjoyable in his tenure. Azilmote died of old age a year or two after he left. His wife thanked the academics for their kind words. He was buried on a beautiful day in his hometown of Far West. It is said that dreams of mischief comes to those in Far West now and then."

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