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Region: Elumia Proper[]

Chance of Discovery: 3[]

Many news stands exist within Mineta, for news is perhaps an Imperial citizen's most prized possession. Will it be disaster, gossip, or if Old Gods willing, both? Whatever the case, the citizens are eager to find out, so they flock to the nearest news stand - for example, this quaint little one in the city of Ballos - to get their latest juicy tidbits. Newspapers from all over adorn this stand, and one particular trend makes this particular news stand unique - the stock school newspapers here as well. Legends circulate that they may even carry Academagia newpapers as well, for all non-student readers to enjoy!


Ballos: News Stand[]

Visiting the Ballos: News Stand and listening in to the conversations here will Expand one's flair for Journalism and for Innuendo by 1 step each.

Unlocked by[]

  • This location is unlocked by default for all students