This is a series of lores found in the game. Entries on this page have been truncated due to redundancy. All entries originally contained the following text:

“Bassan is a complicated and beautiful language. Most of the grammatical rules from Bassan can be adjusted and reconsidered to suit everyday speech. That being found true the transition between Bassan and common speak is frequently considered just a product of memorization. Therefore, in order to better teach Bassan this Dictionary was created:"

Bassan Language Dictionary

Part I

"'Afus' means hand. It may refer to the hand of an adult or a child. It never means the hand of an animal. The word suggests strength and the power that is in a firm grasp..."

Part II

"'Udem' means face. It suggests the ability of the face to take on many different expressions. Someone who says one thing to a person but something different when the person cannot hear is called an “Udem-Udem.” Someone who acts shamefully is said to lose udem."

Part III

"'Ul' means heart. “Ul-Ul-Ul-Ul” means the beating of the heart. “Uuu Lll” refers to a person whose heart is broken. “Ullllll” means a person who is in love. The longer the 'el' sound is pronounced the longer your affection is said to reach."

Part IV

"'Argaz' is a man. “Arg” is a little man, or a boy. “Zagra” is a man who looks at things backwards. “Arg-Arg” is a pair of identical twin boys."

Part V

"'Ixf' is a head. “Fxi” is the head of a person looking over his shoulder. “IIIXXXFFF” is the head of a person who believes he knows more than he does. “Ix” is the head of a person who has not completed his education."

Part VI

"'Iles' means tongue. “Iles-Iles-Iles-Iles-Iles” means someone who talks too much.  “Ilesssssssss” means someone who loves the taste of wine. “Ile” refers to someone who has taken a Vow of Silence."

Part VII

"'Adrar' is a mountain. “Adrar-Adrar” is a mountain with two peaks. “Adra” is a mountain with a flat top. “Rarda” is a person who loves to climb on mountains."


"'Agadir' is a wall. “Ag dir” is a wall that has a gate in the middle. “AAAgadir” is a wall that is too high for a person to climb without assistance. “Agadir Ul” is a person who has been hurt and has built a wall around their heart."

Part IX

"'Tamdint' is a town. “Tant” is a very small town. “Ttamdintt” is a town that is almost big enough to be a city. “Tmandit” is a town with many taverns and rowdy citizens."

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