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College: Morvidus

Familiar: Upright Tom the Seeker Falcon

Everyone expects Eliani Carosi and Beatrix to be best friends, they both love the outdoors so much, but you never see them together. Eliani tends to spend her time in gardens while Beatrix refuses to limit herself to one area. In fact, she seems nervous and uneasy whenever she’s surrounded by walls. She got special permission from the Headmaster to explore as long as she lets a Professor know she’s leaving and in what direction she plans to go. Everyone wonders why she got such special permission, but she only says its because she’s so responsible.

Ability: Explorer Extraordinaire

When she puts her mind to it, Beatrix can actually increase her Navigation (+3), Cartography (+2), and Scouting (+1) Skills for about a day, though it tends to keep her too distracted to hold up her end of a conversation (-2 to the Conversation Subskill).

Clique Abilities: Helpful Guide

Every week or so, Beatrix can give her friends a brief accounting of the new places in Elumia she's seen, or of the stories she's heard, and talk them through the process of getting there and finding one's way around - which is to say, she Informs one of a Random Location in Elumia Proper, and Increases one's Navigation and Cartography scores by two points each for seven days.


Astrology, Botany, Geometry, Incantation, Revision, Zoology

Good skills

Cartography, Curiosity, Navigation, Persuasion

Base Attributes

Fitness: 3, Finesse: 2, Charm: 2, Strength: 2, Intelligence: 2, Insight: 3, Luck: 1

Personality Preferences

Likes: Expand Explore, Exploration (Academagia Grounds, Imperial Reserve)

Dislikes: Expand Relationship - Gwendy Zuyder


  • Outdoorswoman (Explore, Cartography, Observation)
  • Better the College (Merit and Relationships - Morvidus)
  • Academic Success (Study)
  • Familiarize the Familiar (Bond and Familiar)
  • Know the School (Explore)

Adventure: The Future of the Imperial Reserve's Animals