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==='''Informed by:'''===
==='''Informed by:'''===
*[[Zoology]] Study Skill 4
==='''Gained From'''===
*[[Zoology]] Study Skill 4
*[[Zoology]] Study Skill 4

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This Beekeeper Mask is made of soft, yet durable cloth and a metal grid to protect the face. Don't dare go around a beehive without it!


  • Increase Insects by 2

Durability Type: DurableEdit

Quality: 1Edit

Worth: 53Edit

Enchant Skill: BotanyEdit

  • Fabric
  • Forge/Workstation Materials - Metal
Artificing Roll: Fitness + Aesthetics (Skill) vs. Threshold = 6 Edit
Finishing Roll: Finesse + Zoology (Skill) vs. Threshold = 6 Edit
Failure Item: Tin Sheet (Item)Edit

Informed by:Edit

Gained FromEdit

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