This is a series of lores found within the game.

Beneath a Nobleman

Part I

"Midian had always considered Oncestrian to be an ugly, coarse language. Having spent his entire life surrounded by the cultural elite, he naturally considered Merilien as the only acceptable language for those of status. Oncestrian’s guttural sounds were beneath the tongue of a nobleman, or so he thought."

Part II

"When Midian heard Daina’s voice, soft yet forceful, he was immediately smitten. Although he did not understand a word she said, he was enraptured by her tone and inflection as much as by her beauty. Only later did he learn that she was speaking Oncestrian."

Part III

"In order to win Daina’s attention, Midian endeavored to learn some rudimentary Oncestrian. He found the lessons difficult. Oncestrian does not ring with the aesthetic pleasantness of his native Merilien and it was very hard for him to speak in the language that he had spent a lifetime reviling. But after spending the summer in Lotroten, he was able to converse well enough to carry on a conversation."

Part IV

"The Oncestrian language is fraught with idiosyncratic rules and countless exceptions. Whereas Merilien or Vilocian verbs followed well defined rules for the various tenses, Oncestrian seemed to have a new variation for each word. Only the economic power and the arrogance of the Oncestrian speakers spurred its increasingly prevalent use throughout Elumia."

Part V

"Although Midian now spoke cursory Oncestrian, he refused to validate the arrogance of the unruly foreigner.

“How much?” the heavy-set foreigner asked, even louder, in Oncestrian. Again, Midian simply shook his head as if he did not understand."

Part VI

"Midian struggled to look impassive. He understood enough Oncestrian to know that the men were planning to rob the passengers. He leaned forward, concentrating intently on their words, which seemed to roll by more quickly than his brain could translate. He could not glean all the details, but he was certain that they were going to make their move that evening."

Part VII

"The language he had learned so long before in order to impress a woman had now saved his life a second time.

“Oncestrian may be the language of the unwashed, ignorant peasants,” Midan liked to remark, “but sometimes, it is good to know what the unwashed, ignorant peasants are saying.”


“What are you doing, boy?” he called out.

When the boy did not answer, he called again.  The boy turned and looked at him blankly. Midian called again, then he tried Merilien, then Elumian. Finally, he called out in broken Oncestrian, to which the boy immediately replied."

Part IX

"Later in his life, Turgoth began working on a book of translations between Oncestrian and Elumian. His goal was noble and he worked diligently, but his grasp of Oncestrian was not as great as he lead others to believe. His translation was incomplete and filled with errors, which lead to several embarrassing incidents before his work was completely discarded."

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