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Benvinito operates only through catalogs, never in person, so he is able to keep his prices fairly low by cutting out the middle man…or so he says.  While he may not be the most successful of merchants, he has a decent catalog of items for sale, and if one can get past the mediocre attempts at witty writing, one can find more than a few gems.


Item Name Effect Price
Book of Puns +1 Wit 95
Book of Jokes

Expand Wit 1 Step

Expand Relationship 1 Step

(~7 Charges)

Book of Snappy Sayings

Expand Wit 1 Level

Reduce Relationship 1 Step

(~4 to 5 charges)

Insight Drops

+1 Insight (1 day)

+2 Wit (1 day)

Book of Popular Sayings Expand Instructor Relationship 2 Steps (Test Charm/Wit) (~5 charges) 175

Unlocked By