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This is a series of lores found in the game.

Best Plans Fall to Pieces, by Wentell Seeburg[]

Part I

"I detest planning. I have never, ever had a plan get followed through without at least one frustrating obstacle to disrupt things and force me to wonder why I ever bothered to have any sort of plan ever. Thus, I urge readers to do everything on a whim. It will make things more interesting, at least."

Part II

"We must remember the notoriously bad speech by famed General Klent. What he had written down went down as one of the great pieces of writing in history that they still teach in schools to this day, but his actual speech was terrible. He simply didn’t have the heart to deliver it. The written version was his plan, and the execution failed utterly. Perhaps if he had improvised it it would have been genius. We’ll never know."

Part III

"Whims have produced the most interesting results. Wake up one day and decide to take a long trip withe some trusted friends. When all your fun is had, think about how you originally planned to spend the day. I’m sure it was not nearly as enjoyable as what you have done."

Part IV

"Perhaps I speak too harshly, though. There is the matter of writing this, which took thought and planning and deep consideration of how the work should proceed. Ironic for a writing about doing things spontaneously. Oh, the contradictions in our lives!"