The Bewitching Dish spell brings Glamour - romantic Glamour, at that - to cooking, allowing the caster to shape the presentation of his or her meal to something supernaturally attuned to his or her partner's tastes. With a success at a moderately difficult Finesse/Aesthetics Roll (v. 6), one can effectively Increase one's Baking and Romance Subskills (by 3 and 2, respectively) for 3 days, and gain a 1 point Expansion in a Relationship with a character of the opposite gender. A success at a difficult Insight/Character Study Roll (v. 11) will result in a second permanent 1 point Expansion in a Relationship with said character of the opposite gender, but will also reduce one's powers of Concentration by 2 points for those 3 days - it's tough to focus on the mundane when food and love are going well!


Action Type

  • Beneficial

Spell Types

  • Glamour


Duration: 18

Unlocked by

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