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Bewitching Melody[]

The music picks up, and you begin to feel the urge to dance. It's surprisingly catchy music, in fact, you can even see the professors tapping their feet up on their dais.

Wait... it's too catchy. There's something in it of spring, and youth, and blooming flowers. You've heard about that sort of music.

As a murmur...


1. Observation vs 6 at most - Is there anything here that you could use to help you to out?

Success: Unlock option 4, choose another option.
Failure: No effect, select another option.

2. Negation vs 9 at most - Cast a negation spell on your twitching legs.

Success: ?
Failure: ?

3. Famous Speeches vs 3 - Try to talk them into leaving.

Success: Stress -1
Failure: ?

4. Persuation vs 6 at most - Offer them wine out of gratitude for their playing.

Success: Merit +2, Strategy +1 SS
Failure: ?