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Big Contest at the Hobby Hovel
Prerequisites : Unknown
Begin Date : Unknown
End Date : Unknown
Days : Unknown
ModTools Name : Battlemace Adventure
Roll Levels : Unknown
Automatic Benefits : Unknown
Possible Benefits : Unknown

This adventure requires at least 5 actions, and leads to multiple skill-ups and a point of intelligence or luck.

Stage 1: Big Contest at the Hobby Hovel[]

  • Observation. You don't know much about these games - maybe there's something in the shop that can help you? (roll v. ≤5)
Success:  Chance of Success +15%  
 Failure:  ?
  • Strategy. This is a simple matter. The Knights are more numerous and more maneuverable. Time for a classic hit and fade. (roll v. ?)
Success:  expand Planning +1 S?, ? 
 Failure:  ?
  • Traps. No problem. The Knights just need to distract the Wyrms and lure them into a pincer attack. (roll v. ?)
Success:  expand Manipulation +1 S?, ? 
 Failure:  ?
  • Scouting. Terrain is the solution here. Move the Wyrms into a location they cannot escape from and simply box them in! (roll v. ≤7)
Success:  expand Logistics +1 SS  
 Failure:  ?

Stage 2: Assembling Your Army[]

  • Revision Methods. These units are so detailed and so numerous, you're going to need some spells to really get the mini's looking how you'd like. (roll v. ?)
Success:  expand Cosmetics +1 S?, access Stage 3a  
Failure:  ?
  • Persuasion. This is a game, and games are best played with friends. See if you can recruit a painting crew to assist you. (roll v. ?)
Success:  expand Coordination +1 SS, access Stage 3b 
Failure:  ?
  • Metallurgy. You should probably study the figures a bit to get an idea of what kind of materials you are working with. (roll v. ?)
Success:  increase Painting +2, choose again   
Failure:  ?
  • Painting. You're just going to need to roll up your sleeves and get this done. Your artistic side is itching to get out. (roll v. ?)
Success:  expand Cosmetics +1 SS, access Stage 3b
Failure:  ?

Stage 3a: The Quest for CogSpring[]

  • Theatre. If you can convince CogSpring that some of his cohorts have come alive, maybe you can get him to return. (roll v. ≤7)
Success:  expand Bluff +1 S?, access Stage 4a  
 Failure:  ?
  • Patience. It's not going to be quick tracking down CogSpring. Do you have what it takes to wait things out? (roll v. ≤19)
Success:  Chance of Success +15%, choose again  
 Failure:  ?
  • Hunting. You hunt it down like you would anything else. Like a pro.  (roll v. ≤16)
Success:  ?
 Failure:  ?
  • Traps. CogSpring is smaller than a mouse. So why not try some form of mousetrap?  (roll v. ≤15)
Success:  expand Carpentry +1 S?, ? 
 Failure:  ?

Stage 3b: Somebody Start the Training Montage![]

  • Danger Sense.  Focus on the moves of your opponent.  A cleaver eye should ensure that you can always anticipate his moves.    (roll v. ≤14)
Success:  expand Character Study +1 SS, go to Stage 4b
 Failure:  ?
  • Malice.  Strategy???  Pfft.  This is war"!  (roll v. ≤8)
Success:  expand Intimidation +1 SS, go to Stage 4b
 Failure:  ?
Success:  Chance of Success +25%, choose again
 Failure:  ?
  • Deceit.  You units are evenly matched.  Your victory must come from subterfuge.    (roll v. ≤9)
Success:  expand Bluff +1 SS, go to Stage 4b
 Failure:  -1 Strategy SS, pause Adventure

Stage 4a: To Strive Against the Tyrant Cogspring![]

  • Library Knowledge. Perhaps a specific tome can help in your efforts. [Temporarily Increase Magical Appraisal +1] (roll v. ≤11)
Success:  increase Magical Appraisal +1, choose again
 Failure:  ?
  • Bluff. If you can convince the Professor that one of the figures is your familiar, you can likely trick him or her into assisting you.  (roll v. ≤15)
Success:  expand Acting +1 S?, ? 
 Failure:  ?
  • Magical Appraisal. How plausible is it that the Tinker Knights could become part of your arsenal?  (roll v. ≤12)
Success:  expand Revision Methods +1 S?, ? 
 Failure:  ?
  • Pure Luck. Just start casting things. Surely one of your spells will kickstart these little guys.  (roll v. ≤22)
Success:  expand Confidence +1 S?, ?  
 Failure:  ?

Stage 4b: CogSpring Kidnapped![]

  • 700 Pims?  You have it already!
    • (if you do)
Success:  -700 Pims, expand Planning +1 SS, access Stage 6
 Failure:  ?
  • Sleuthing.  You'll get CogSpring back soon enough.  It's elementary, my dear.  (roll v. ≤9)
Success:  expand Hunting +1 SS, access Stage 5b
 Failure:  -1 Temperance SS, pause Adventure
  • Awareness.  Is the crowd ready for you to rally them around you?   (roll v. ≤14)
Success:  Temporarily increase Passion +2 SS, choose again
 Failure:  ?
  • Passion.  No one does this to you.  It's time to form a posse.  You'll handle this the old-fashioned way.  (roll v. ≤10)
Success:  Expand Oratory +1 SS, access Stage 5c
Failure:  ?

Stage 5a: The Siege of Fort CogSpring[]

  • Command. It's time to put your BattleMace generalship to the test. Lead your actual Tinker Knights into a real battle. (roll v. ?)
Success:  expand Intelligence +1, conclude Adventure
Failure:  ?
  • Manipulation. Convince CogSpring that you've done the right thing and are just presenting him with his troops to make amends. Then take him down. (roll v. ?)
Success:  expand Lie +1 S?, expand Charm +1, conclude Adventure  
 Failure:  ?
  • Clockwork. You can't directly observe what CogSpring is up to, but your knowledge of intricate machinery should allow you to listen and piece together some of his work. (roll v. ?)
Success:  Chance of Success +15%  
 Failure:  ?
  • Infiltration. Your newly vitalized Tinker Knights will take down CogSprings rebellion from the inside. (roll v. ?)
Success:  expand Strategy +1 S?, expand Luck +1, conclude Adventure
Failure:  ?

Stage 5b: Reprisal in the Name of CogSpring[]

  • Observation.  It's only a matter of time before Luca does something you can exploit.  Ridicule is a powerful tool.  (roll v. ≤9)
 Success:  expand Hunting +1 SS, access stage 6
 Failure:  ?
  • Character Study.  What manner of approach seems like it would be most effective on a boy like Luca?  (roll v. ≤10)
 Success:  temporarily increase Character +2, choose again
 Failure:  ?
  • Practical Jokes.  Luca surely believes he is safe in his home.  This doesn't need to always be true.   (roll v. ≤10)
 Success:  ?
 Failure:  ?
  • Character.  Normally you would expect Luca's parents to take his side, but you are such an upstanding young student, how could they not believe you?  (roll v. ≤10)
 Success:  expand Composure +1 SS, access Stage 6
 Failure:  -1 Persuasion SS, pause Adventure

Stage 5c: Riding with the Posse[]

  • Theatre.  You need to disguise your group pretty well, otherwise your mark is sure to run off at the first sign of a mob.  (roll v. ≤14)
 Success:  expand Logistics +1 SS, access stage 6
 Failure:  ?
  • Flawless Timing.  If you can find the exact moment for your people to reveal themselves, you'll nail this punk.  (roll v. ≤14)
 Success:  expand Coordination +1 SS, access stage 6
 Failure:  -1 Willpower SS, pause Adventure
  • Awareness.  Scout the location in advance. Might help you keep everyone hidden.   (roll v. ≤17)
 Success:  Chance of success +15%, choose again
 Failure:  choose again
  • Glamour Methods.  A dozen kids in an alleyway are sure to give off some sign of their presence. But only if you don't remove all traces of them first.  (roll v. ≤?)
 Success:  access stage 6
 Failure:  ?

Stage 6: The Tournament[]

  • Observation.  Does your opponent have any tells that might lead you to victory? (roll v. ≤10)
 Success:  unlock Lip Reading option, choose again
 Failure:  ?
  • Planning.  You've been watching Ferdinand play off and on between your own games all day.  You've been thinking about how to bring him down.  (roll v. ~14)
 Success:  Chance of success +15%, choose again
 Failure:  -1 Composure SS, choose again
  • Intimidation.  Your persona off the board can be just as much a weapon as anything wielded by your Tinker Knights.  (roll v. 8)
 Success:  expand Confidence +1 SL, expand Fitness +1, Gain Gold Cogspring Statuette, conclude Adventure
 Failure:  expand Intimidation +1 S?, pause Adventure
  • Logistics.  Proper movement is key to victory.  Mobility and progression will win the day. (roll v. 14)
 Success:  expand Strategy +1 SL, expand Intelligence +1, Gain Gold Cogspring Statuette, conclude Adventure
 Failure:  +1 Stress, pause Adventure
  • Lip Reading.  Mumbling your strategy to yourself is a bad plan when you're facing off against a lip reader. (roll v. ≤8)
Success:  expand Observation +1 SL, expand Insight +1, Gain Gold Cogspring Statuette, conclude Adventure
 Failure:  -1 Observation SS, +2 Stress, pause Adventure