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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 3[]

Rare is the day that a harsh wind does not blow over the bleak Castle-Downs mountain tops. Buried deep in the heart of this desolate landscape lays Binta's Chasm, an ugly scar cut into an ugly land. Looking past the physical imperfections, one finds a strange inner beauty while standing on the floor of the windswept Chasm; differing layers of colored rock shine forth as day fades to dusk, inspiring even as the light disappears to nothingness. Those who stand here at the heart of Binta's Chasm find their rhetorical abilities increasing for a day with every visit; artistic skills blossom while gazing upon the picturesque layers, and fingers fly as composers imagine music echoing out of the howling winds above. A word of caution, however, is required; the rigors of coming to this location adversely affect one's health, making them more ilkely to fall ill upon returning home. A careful balance must be maintained between desire to better one's self and staying healthy.


Savor the Sublime (Active)[]

Visitors to Binta's Chasm will Expand their Music Theory and Painting Subskills, along with a random Rhetoric Subskill, by 1 Skill Step each. That said, given the stresses involved in the travel, the effect only applies in carefully modulated doses - say, one visit a week at most.

Unlocked by[]