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Earning pims and possessions are, for most, a matter of hard work. For practitioners of Blackmail, earning these is simply the goal of an art. Though looked down by some as very unscrupulous, Blackmail nevertheless remains popular-even if this remains in shadow. Beware, practitioner, for using Blackmail on the wrong person may bring consequences most dire.

Dominant Attribute: Charm

Training Levels and unlocks

  1. "Blackmailing and Other Such Avocations I" (Lore)
  2. Investigate (Action)
  3. Inform Random Student
  4. Dull (Pheme), "Blackmailing and Other Such Avocations II" (Lore)
  5. Unbalanced Article (Item)
  6. Blackmail (Action)
  7. Inform Random Student
  8. Intelligence (Pheme), "Blackmailing and Other Such Avocations III" (Lore)
  9. "Blackmailing and Other Such Avocations IV" (Lore)
  10. Pressure (Action)
  11. Information (Pheme)

Research Topic (Blackmail)

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Dominant Attribute: Charm

“Any fool can report something they see, but only a journalist can make the reader feel what he felt…or what he wants them to feel.”  Olm Verenox knew what he was talking about when he wrote his memoirs…after all, he was the first historian/journalist on the scene of what was left of Monteon after the Calamity had begun.  Sometimes journalism is about being in the right place at the right time; other times, it’s about making your own news.  Either way, journalists must do more than simply report occurrences…they must be able to make one feel for what has been written instead of simply understand it.  

Training Levels and unlocks

  1. Scry (Pheme), "Pen and Pad" (Lore)
  2. Quick Writing (Spell)
  3. Grade (Pheme), "Learned and Completed" (Lore)
  4. Inform Puff Piece (Item)
  5. Raised Chance of Success for Hostile Actions
  6. Exposé (Item)
  7. "Light to the Black Sky" (Lore)
  8. "Tale of the Defiled Serpent" (Lore)
  9. Investigative Report (Item)
  10. Underworld Contacts (Ability)
  11. Perception rolls +1

How to Expand Skill maximum

Research Topic (Journalism)

  • to unlock, Inform Pikola Observer
  • at Level 10: maximum Subskill Level +1

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Dominant Attribute: Intelligence

Training one’s memory is nothing at all like training one’s familiar or family pet and everything like learning how to change clothes made purely of iron while streaking towards the bottom of a never-ending pool of water; put short, it can easily take one’s breath away.  Focusing the mind on one’s Memory Skill is a bit like the Concentration Skill in that it forces one to expand their mental horizons.  Compared to Concentration, which is about shutting things out in order to fulfill a certain need, the Skill of Memory is about allowing things in to one’s mind…and convincing them to stay there.  

Training Levels and Unlocks:

  1. "Memorization: A Useful Tool, by Aswer Shanniff" (Lore)
  2. Reminder Sheet (Item)
  3. Air (Pheme), "The Evils of Forgetting, by Rumin Likmon" (Lore)
  4. Remembrance (Pheme)
  5. Mind (Pheme)
  6. "That Which I Have Forgotten, by Jemro Lithria" (Lore)
  7. Cheat Sheet (Item)
  8. +1 Bonus to Journalism
  9. "A Passage by Grikki Graigne" (Lore)
  10. Amazing Recall (Spell)
  11. Eidetic Memory (Ability)

How to Expand Skill maximum

Research Topic (Memorization)

  • to unlock, Inform Blackburn Inn
  • at Level 10: maximum Subskill Level +1

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Dominant Attribute: Intelligence (in-game description incorrectly claims it's Charm)

More than just observing the world around oneself, the Observation Skill sets itself apart from Perception, Awareness, and Danger Sense by being a strange combination of all three without having too many parts of a single one lurking at the fore.  Observation is the Skill of noticing things around one’s self without having a particular thought previously in mind (Perception), wondering what the social ramifications of interactions are (Awareness), or looking for the next bad thing to jump out and attack (Danger Sense).  Those who are skilled in Observation can expect to see many things that those who aren’t would otherwise miss; those who are not skilled in Observation may not even recognize that they’re missing vital clues in the world around them.  Perhaps if they were more observant in the first place….

Training levels and unlocks

  1. Inform Random Student
  2. Dexterous (Pheme), "Caught Red-handed" (Lore)
  3. Inform Random Location
  4. Light (Pheme), "Continuing on My Way" (Lore)
  5. Sight (Pheme), "Eerie Howl as the Wind Blows" (Lore)
  6. Color Blind (Spell)
  7. Understanding (Pheme), "To Combat the Endless War" (Lore)
  8. Inform Random Student
  9. Inform Random Student
  10. Eyes Wide Open (Spell)
  11. Expand Duration of all Spells by +4

How to Expand Skill maximum

Research Topic (Observation)

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