If you don't have at least a little bit of Insight and skill with Revision, you'd probably be well-advised not to attempt the Blind Tracker Spell - all you'll do is Clutter your Senses, Decreasing your ability to Listen and your ability to Observe by 2 points until such time as you rest the affliction off. If you have a little bit of Revision skill and a little bit of Insight (Roll v. 5), however, you can balance those effects out and Increase your skill at Scent Detection by 4 points, and your skill at Patrol, Hunting, Scouting and conducting Ambushes by 3 points each - and if you're *very* good at Revision (Roll v. 11), you can gain all those benefits without suffering the drawbacks. In any case, the Increases typically last for about three days; it's only the penalties that disperse with rest.


Action Type

  • Beneficial

Spell Types

  • Revision


Duration: 18

Duel Cost: 1

Unlocked by

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