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Region: The City of Mineta

Chance of Discovery: 3


Brisbane the Eighth is contractually and magically bound to find and groom his eventual successor - and until the time he does, he's going to have applicants pressing their faces up against his window and whimpering by the score. To thin the crowds out, he's offered to take them in for training - but only those applicants who are willing and able to pay 200 pims for his time.

Abilities (Active)

Secure Apprenticeship

  • Lose 200 Pims
  • Add Memory - You've become, etc. (quoting the description)
  • Inform Workspace
  • Add Visitation Rights - Brisbane the Gemologist's Shop
  • Add Visitation Rights - Brisbane the Gemologist's Shop: Work Space
  • unlocks Assist the Master

Assist the Master

Now, given the course your life is currently taking, ending up as number nine in the great chain of Brisbanes seems unlikely (and maybe just a bit undesirable), but there's no question that you can learn things from the master in a day that might take you weeks on your own - in fact, working a shift alongside the man will Expand your Magical Appraisal, Materials Knowledge and Jeweler subskills by 1 Step each, and offers a 3% chance of Expanding your Finesse by 1 point.

Unlocked by