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Region: The City of Mineta

Chance of Discovery: ?


The current Brisbane is the eighth to hold that name over this shop's one hundred and fifty year history; unique to many gemologists, the owner of Brisbane has to sign a contract stating that he or she will pick his or her successor when 'the time is right', and that successor will then take on the name of Brisbane for the duration of their tenure as owner. The current Brisbane knows more than just gems and precious stones, however, having come from a background heavy in the physical art of forges. Normally, Brisbane would be willing only to share his knowledge of enchantment; because of the bond you have with him over your love of jewels, he's willing to share not knowledge but workspace.

Ability (Active)

Brisbane the Gemologist's Shop: Work Space

Duration: 1

Types: Beneficial, Exploration

At the Work Space in Brisbane's Shop, you will have the opportunity to earn anywhere from 10 to 100 Pims, depending on the difficulty of the pieces you work on (randomly determined). You'll also Expand a random Aesthetics Subskill and a random Heraldry Subskill by 1 Step.

  • Reference Negotiate MAG III
  • Expand Random Aesthetics Subskill
  • Expand Random Heraldry Subskill
  • Inform Brisbane's Shop

Ability (Passive)

["Access to a Jeweler's Workstation"]

Unlocked by