Region: The City of Mineta

Chance of Discovery: 4


Jewler's Workstation (Passive)

You'll have access to a Jeweler's Workstation, Increasing your Jeweler skill by 3 and Metallurgy and Creativity Skills by 2 each. [That said, to gain those Increases you must be in possession of Jeweler Picks or Ruckmarn Jewler Picks.]

Brisbane the Gemologist's Shop: Work Space (Active)

Visiting Brisbane’s back shop will give a person a chance to earn some Pims…anywhere from 10 to 100, depending on how hard the piece Brisbane lets one work on is. You'll also gain a Skill Step in a random Aesthetics Subskill, and another in a random Heraldry Subskill (the latter more from talking to Brisbane than from the work itself).

Unlocked by:

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