A basic Student that hasn't selected anything at game start has the following stats:


Fitness 1

Finesse 1

Charm 1

Strength 1

Intelligence 1

Insight 1

Luck 1

Stress: 0

Vitality: 2

Encumbrance: 0

Concealment: 0


Academagia Public Practice Room #4

Admiratio: Vegetable Market

Assistant Tonic Brewmaster

Compost Pile

Gentle Doctor

Grapple for the Crowds

Study the Fields

Take Measurements

Try to Solve the Block Puzzle

Use the Athletic Fields

Visit the Ballos News Stand

Work the Fields


Adventure (Action)

Befriend (Action)

Bind Pheme to Palette (Action)

Close in (Action)

Compete (Action)

Correspond (Action)

Explore (Action)

Gossip (Action)

Patrol (Action)

Punch (Action)

Retreat (Action)

Shop (Action)

Step Back (Action)

Study (Action)

Train (Action)

Train Familiar (Action)

Trial and Error (Action)


Gossip (Bluff - 0, Dating - 0, Innuendo - 0)

Patrol (Hunting - 0, Scent Detection - 0)

Rhetoric (Confidence - 1)

School Survival (Curiosity - 1, Familiar Kinship - 1, Schoolyard Education - 1, Study Habits - 1)

And the skills for the Courses you selected


No Spells

No Phemes


Academagia: Block Puzzle

Academagia: Dining Hall

Academagia: Fields of the Academagia

Academagia: Infirmary

Academagia: Public Practice Room

Academagia: Sundial

Admiratio: Vegetable Market

Admissions Office

Auxiliary Athletic Fields

Ballos: News Stand

Calomantia's Gym: Wrestling Ring

Character's Room

Compost Pile

The Athletic Fields

The Grand Forge of the Academagia

The Great Gate of the Academagia

The Great Hall

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