Every great Mage begins with their family. Fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, as well as friends and extended family all can influence a person.

The second Character Background page asks:

What was your family life like?


Family: Black Sheep

  • Benefit:
    • +1 Creation Point

Family: Favored Child

Family: Graverobbers

Family: Helpful and Attentive

Family: Religious

Family: Sky Pirates

Family: Sports

Family: The Secret Heritage

Family: Wizards


History: Artisans of Skill

History: Descended from Heroes

History: Descended of Royalty

History: Descended of Traitors

  • Benefit:
    • +1 Creation Point

History: Famous Campaigners

History: Locally Notable


Station: Merchant

Station: Nobility

Station: Up from Destitution

Station: Wealthy

Station: Well-to-Do


Character Background, page 3

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