In the early years of childhood, you got into many adventures and mischief.

The third page of Character Background asks:

What sorts of things did you do?


Aptitude: Cooking

Aptitude: Figures

Aptitude: Hunting

Aptitude: Scholarship

Aptitude: Trickery


Deed: A Column of March

Deed: A Singer's Gift

Deed: Bane of Bakeries

Deed: Lonely Sentinel

Deed: Midnight Explorer

Deed: Negated

Deed: The Town's Pageant

Deed: Tricks of the Wizards


Prodigy: Bad Luck Magnet

Prodigy: Battle-Born

Prodigy: Center of Attention

Prodigy: Curiosity

Prodigy: Debate Master

Prodigy: Incantation

Prodigy: Life of Avarice

Prodigy: Mathematical Genius

Prodigy: Negation

Prodigy: On the Prowl

Prodigy: Physical

Prodigy: Secrets and Silence

Prodigy: Social

Prodigy: Spiritual

Prodigy: Vegetarian


Character Background, page 4

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