Often, a child's education might be nothing more than what they were taught by their family. But some children had the benefit of apprenticeships, schooling or even a tutor.

The fourth Character Background page asks:

What kind of education did you have?


Academy: Baltagio

Academy: Blackheath

Academy: Chameil School

Academy: Safaviore Officer's School

Academy: Vihuela School of Music and Magic

Academy: Purple Academy of Thei


Apprenticeship: Bookbinder's Guild

Apprenticeship: Draper's Guild

Apprenticeship: Local Wizard

Apprenticeship: Page

Apprenticeship: Spy

Apprenticeship: Student at Arms

Apprenticeship: The Pie Kitchen


Tutoring: Combat

  • 6 Levels in Random War Subskills

Tutoring: Explorer

  • 6 Levels in Random Explore Subskills

Tutoring: Grifter

Tutoring: Heraldry

Tutoring: History

  • 6 Levels in Random History Subskills

Tutoring: Magic


Character Background, page 5

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