Along your journey to the Gates of the Academy, whether long or short, you had the chance to into many adventures and possibly met new friends.

The seventh Character Background page asks:

Did anything noteworthy happen to you along the way?


Discoveries: Courts

Discoveries: Forges

Discoveries: Libraries

Discoveries: Nature

Discoveries: Shops


Exploits: Exotic Blackmail

Exploits: Merchants of Ilice

Exploits: Monteon Mercenaries

Exploits: Shipwrecked!

Exploits: The City of Mineta

Exploits: The Society of the West

Familiar Escapade

Familiar Escapade: Derelict Ship

Familiar Escapade: Electrical Storm

Familiar Escapade: Exploring Town

Familiar Escapade: Facing Down the Bully

Familiar Escapade: Monster Bashing

Familiar Escapade: Nesting Instincts

Familiar Escapade: The Crazed Elder

Familiar Escapade: The Scavenger Hunt

Familiar Escapade: Town and Familiar

Familiar Training

Familiar Training: All Things Ancient

Familiar Training: Athletics

Familiar Training: Battle Angel

Familiar Training: Bookworm

Familiar Training: Charming and Sly

Familiar Training: Cuteness

Familiar Training: Enchanter Extraordinaire

Familiar Training: Genius of Glamour

Familiar Training: Helpful Spy

Familiar Training: Masterful Mind

Familiar Training: Sports Enthusiast


Friendships: Actually, Bitter Hatred

Friendships: Female Students

Friendships: Godina

Friendships: Instructor

Friendships: Male Students

Friendships: Random Students



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