The Lychnus is a star constellation that can affect your destiny for a while after using the Astrology (Action).


"The Lamp on the past post, the sky as the sea, with port's bells a'pealing, resounding in glee."


Alternate names for the lamp Include Lightbringer, the Admiral's signal, Spirit Banisher, and Iasos' Flare.


CE: Lychnus I

The Lamp will increase a random Explore subskill.

CE: Lychnus II

The Lamp grants you a 5% increase to the Chance of Success of all your spells.

CE:Lychnus III

Under the Lamp's influence you go back a step in the command of a random subskill.

CE: Lychnus IV

The Lamp's influenc leads to an expansion to the upper limits of your Relationship with a member of your clique, raising the potential maximum level by 1.

CE:Lychnus V

The Lamp leads you to information about a random Pheme linked to light.

CE:Lychnus VI

The Lamp makes you 2% less likely to succeed at Category:Hostile Actions.

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