The Manus is a star constellation that can affect your destiny for a while after using the Astrology action.


Reaching down from the heavens, Manus (The Hand) has always been portrayed by the Imperial Temple as a sign of the gods' willingness to help man and to lift him up to the heavens with them. [...]


CE: Manus I

Under the influence of the hand, you enter into a State of Righteous Belief (Emotion). That said, if you're not predisposed to such an emotional state, it's likely to pass almost immediately.

CE: Manus II

The Hand's influence makes you 5% more likely to encounter a Random Event as you go about your day.

CE: Manus III

The Hand's influence increases your Courage. (+2)

CE: Manus IV

The power of the Hand temporarily sets one of your Attributes to 1.

CE: Manus V

The Hand leads you to information about a random Pheme with ties to Glamour.

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