The Regina is a star constellation that can affect your destiny for a while after using Astrology (Action) .


The Queen has had many names in many languages and is likely the most speculated about Constellation in the heavens. Scholars, poets and historians wonmder aloud (and via parchment) as whether or not the Queen is alos the same 'person' as the Chained Queen and in what order she progrersses if so. Is she chained or unchained? While these things do not matter on their own merits, people throughout the ages have enjoyed speculating on them, which makes the Queen powerful in her own right.

Alternate names for the Queen include 'the Ruler, 'the Wondering One' (a distinctly Chorian name), and 'the King's Keeper'.


CE: Regina I

The Queen brings you knowledge of a random piece of Lore.

CE: Regina II

The Influence of the Queen makes Concentration more difficult. (-2)

CE: Regina III

The Queen's touch decreases Awareness, Danger Sense and Observation. (-4)

CE: Regina IV

The Queen's touch decreases the Insight of a random student in another Clique.

CE: Regina V

The Queen's touch makes you speculative - but if you're not temperamentally suited to the Emotional State, it won't last long at all...

CE: Regina VI

The Queen's influence prevents you from using the Penetrate or Spellcloak Effects, if only for a while.

CE: Regina VII

Under the light of the Queen, your command of a random skill is increased

CE: Regina VIII

The Queen leads you to a random ring.

CE: Regina VIIII

The influence of the Queen increases your comfort with all the Rhetoric subskills. (+3)

CE: Regina X

The Queen may lead you to discover a new Location in the Academagia.

CE: Regina XI

The disdain of the Queen costs you 2 points from your Relationship with a random Instructor.

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