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Believing that they are following in the footsteps of great writers such as Cailean the Bard, the men and women of Cailean's Footsteps spend much of their time copying the works of the great masters in hopes of learning from and being inspired by them.  Each of the writers in this group swear that when they "strike it big," they'll remember those who worked side by side with them as well as those who purchased from them.  This section of their store caters to those who are looking for a better grip on the basics of famous poets, a section of writing these men and women are only all too glad to help one with.


Item Name Effect Price
Poetry Journal

+1 Grammar

+1 Syntax

A Life Well Spent +1 Economy 150
The First Rimbal

+1 Rimbal Plays

+1 Rimbal Tactics

Distant Shores

Increase CoS: Performing an

Epic 5%

+1 Famous Poetry

Book of Bucolic Boredom

+2 Famous Poetry

-1 Patience


Unlocked By[]