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Calligraphy Class is, surprisingly enough, an Adventure restricted to a Main Character who is enrolled in Calligraphy.

Calligraphy Class
Prerequisites : Enrolled in Calligraphy
Begin Date : Athonos 14
End Date : Kaliri 28
Days : 1
ModTools Name : VR's Pop Quiz
Roll Levels : Unknown
Automatic Benefits : Unknown
Possible Benefits : Unknown

Stage 1[]

Phase 1:[]

  • Passion. March up to von Rupprecht's desk, slam your book down and say "You can take this quiz of yours and cram it."
Automatic?:  Calligraphy Study Level -1,
    Expand Courage +1 SS, end Adventure
  • "This isn't worth the hassle."
Automatic:  Calligraphy Study Level -1, 
   end Adventure
  • Look around to see how the other students are reacting.
Automatic:  Expand Awareness +1 SS, choose again
  • Negation. Disrupt the nasty enchantments on the quiz booklet prior to working on. (roll v. ?)
Success:  go to Phase 2a
Failure:  ???
  • Glamour. Maybe there's a way to get Basia to do your work as well as her own. (roll v. ?)
Success:  Expand Glamour Methods +1 SS, Calligraphy Study Level +1, Calligraphy Extra Credit +1, Relationship with Sixt von Rupprecht +1, conclude Adventure
Failure:  ???
  • Orthography. You know this stuff cold. (roll v. ?)
Success:  Expand Forms +1 SS, Calligraphy Study Level +1, end Adventure
Failure:  unlock Options 8 and 9
  • Forgery. You can definitely handle extended bouts of copying. (roll v. ~4)
Success:  Expand Forms +1 SL, Calligraphy Study Level +1, Expand Reason +1 SS, end Adventure
Failure:  unlock Options 8 and 9
  • 8. Forms. You know how these things are supposed to look – just get them down! (roll v. ?)
Success:  Calligraphy Study Level +1, Expand Orthography +1 SS, reset Adventure
Failure:  ???
  • 9. Success may not be possible, but at least you can dream about revenge.
Automatic:  Expand Planning +1 SS, go to Phase 2b

Phase 2a[]

  • 1. Calligraphy. Simple copying without getting zapped? Child’s play. (roll v. ?)
Success:  Expand Puzzles +1 SS, Calligraphy Study Level +1, end Adventure
Failure:  ???

Phase 2b.[]

Success:  Expand Concentration +1 SS, Expand Running +1 SS, Calligraphy Study Level -1, reset Adventure
Failure: ???
  • 2. Enchant. Prime Basia's booklet to explode when graded. (roll v. ?)
Success:  ???
Failure:  Calligraphy Study Level -1, reset Adventure