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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

Calomanthia's Gym has a cornucopia of equipment for students and Professors to use; completed just ten years ago, it was a gift of Calomantia Nescardo and was given every type of modern convenience that could be thought of at the time. It has many side rooms which include a Wrestling Ring, Boxing Ring, Fencing Room, and so forth. This room is dedicated to Athleticism, which is evident by the hanging rings, weights, and various balls. The stale smell of sweat permeates this room combined with a hint of chalk.


Work Out at Calomantia's Gym (Active)[]

Working out at the Athletics Room of Calomantia's Gym expands three random Athletics Subskills by 1 point each (75% Chance of Success).

Unlocked By[]

  1. Athletics 7