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Region: Imperial Reserve[]

Chance of Discovery: 3[]

The so-called Campus of Sendus is actually little more than flatened circle of dirt on a hilltop deep in the Imperial Reserve. The founder amused himself by using his name backwards, changing It from Sudnes to Sendus as a method of deceiving those who came looking for him. As for the famed "Sundes" himself, he was a man simultaneously reviled and reveled for his ability to deceive those around him. The most well known story has Sendus creating the circle by Incanting fire only to be stopped by Imperial Foresters. When the Foresters asked what he thought he was doing, he led them on an elaborate verbal expidition over the places he had (never) been and things he (couldn't possibly) had seen; as he talked, he continued to create his circle until, upon completion, he sat down and clalmed the right of rest as per Imperial Decree 352-22. The Foresters, knowing naught else to do, left him to his own devices until the day he left of his own, haughty, accord.

Abilities (Passive)[]

Campus of Sendus (Passive)[]

Visiting here increases one's Chance of Success at Putting on Appearances by 5%. It also increases your Deceit skill by 1 point while you're here.

Unlocked by[]