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Carnage on the Fields
Prerequisites : None
Begin Date : Gelamenus 1
End Date : Anedius 28
Days : 1
ModTools Name : Broken Pines
Roll Levels : 4-7
Automatic Benefits : Expand Luck, Vitality. The Forest of Broken Pines. Relationship with Orso Orsi & Polisena Briardi. Add Opinicus Feather (Item)...
Possible Benefits : Expand Pure Luck, Incantation Phemes, Tactics, Concentration, Flawless Timing...

Teachers and wyverns and war, oh my!

This adventure can be completed or failed within a single adventure action. See notes below and skill check difficulties to get the best rewards.

Phase 1: Carnage on the Fields[]

1. Finesse / Incantation Spells vs 6 - Blast the attacker before he can do any more harm.

Success: Courage +1 SS, Pure Luck +1 SS
Failure: Stress +2

1a. Time to test the Elemental Warrior training again.

Automatic: Coordination +1 SS, Tactics +1 SS

2. Finesse / Glamour Methods vs 4 - Distract him!

Success: Courage +1 SS, Flawless Timing +1 SS
Failure: Stress +2

3. Luck / Athletics vs 6 - Tackle him before he can do any more harm.

Success: Courage +1 SS, Wrestling +1 SS
Failure: Stress +2

4. Give in to fear. Fear is your friend.

Automatic: Courage -1 SS, Running +1 SS, End Adventure.

Phase 2: The Regrouping[]

1. Don't commit to anything, and keep your eyes open.

Automatic: Unlocks option 3.

2. Agree to stay quiet about it.

Automatic: Diplomacy +1 SS, Relationship with Polisena Briardi +1, End Adventure.

3. Point out the paper.

Automatic: Observation +1 SS

Phase 3: The List[]

1. Trips are good!

Automatic: Intrigue +1 SS, Relationship with Orso Orsi +1

2. But you have tests to study for!

Automatic - Stress +1, End Adventure.

Phase 4: Off and Away[]

1. But, wait, who is this guy?

Automatic: Curiosity +1 SS, select another option.

2. Step through the magic gate.

Automatic: Courage +1 SS, inform The Forest of Broken Pines.

3. Back out.

Automatic: Curiosity -1 SS, Relationship with Orso Orsi and Polisena Briardi +1, end adventure.

Phase 5: The Forest of Broken Pines[]

1. Finesse / Duelling Forms vs 7 - Fight it!

Success: Incantation Phemes +1 SS, Tactics +1 SS
Failure: Stress +1

2. Try speaking to it.

Automatic: Temperance +1 SS

3. Run away!

Automatic: Stress +1

Phase 6: The Duke[]

1. Fitness / Running (Athletics) vs 7 - Try to keep up!

Success: Endurance +1 SS, Stress +1
Failure: Courage +1 SS, Stress +2

Phase 7: The Wyvern[]

1. Insight / Character Study vs 6 - What are you dealing with here?

Success: Competition +2 SS, Raid +2 SS
Failure: No Benefits or Drawbacks, select another option.

2. Finesse / Duel vs 4 - Magical combat!

Success: Concentration +1 SS, Incantation Phemes +1 SS, Negation Methods +1 SS
Failure: Vitality -2, advance to Phase 11.

3. Fitness / Competition vs 5 - Challenge him physically!

Success: Brute Strength +1 SS, Courage +1 SS, Flawless Timing +1 SS
Failure: Courage +1 SS, Stress +2, advance to Phase 11.

4. Luck / Raid vs 6 - Run circles around him and choose your shots.

Success: Flawless Timing +1 SS, Pure Luck +1 SS, Running +1 SS
Failure: Vitality -2, Running +1 SS, Stress +2, advance to Phase 11.

Phase 8: The Fight Continues[]

1. Finesse / Tactics vs 6 - Intervene directly.

Success: Courage +1 SS, Wrestling +1 SS
Failure: Vitality -3, Courage +1 SS, advance to Phase 11.

2. Intelligence / Revision Methods vs 6 - Augment Charles' strength.

Success: Concentration +1 SS, Coordination +1 SS
Failure: Vitality -3, Concentration +1 SS, advance to Phase 11.

Phase 9: The Final Foe[]

1. Hope you wake up.

Automatic: Luck +1

Phase 10: The Viewing[]

1. Follow the Duke inside.

Automatic: Vitality +3, Mammals +1 SS, Relationship with Orso Orsi and Polisena Briardi +2, Add Opinicus Feather (Item), conclude adventure.

Phase 11: Waking[]

1. Try to dream good dreams. (unlocked by Phase 7, 8 failure rolls)

Automatic: Collegiate Merit +50, Relationship with Orso Orsi and Polisena Briardi +2, conclude adventure.

Final Note[]

  • Failing any attempts at fighting on the field in the first part of the story will not result in an End or Pause of the Adventure. But all failures at fighting following the try to keep up option will result in an end to the adventure where you end up back at the school with only a couple benefits. Do not fail if you want that Luck increase!


  • The ogrish language in this adventure is a clear reference to Orcish from Warcraft games. The fact that you can't ever understand the ogre is similar to the language barrier between the Orcish Horde and the Human Alliance in World of Warcraft.