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A collection of adventures you can go on. Check out Mikka's Adventure Guide for a brief (if somewhat tongue in cheek) synopsis of each adventure and their unlock requirements.

Here are some working definitions and Guides:

  • There's no such thing as increase by a skill step. Only expand happens by skill steps. As such if it says [skill name] +1 SS it means expand by one skill step.
  • Likewise there's no such thing as lasting increase in adventures. If it says increase [skill name] by +1 it means a temporary increase by 1 level which should last for the current phase only.
  • I would generally advise not linking stress and vitality, those two stats are too well know to really require links, and not having them coloured makes it easier for the eye to catch skill names when browsing adventures for specific skill increases.
  • You can get more precise information about the adventure if you correlate end-day logs with current stats. Having the correct changes assigned to correct steps will make it much easier for other contributors to correctly identify the effects of any choices that you do not have information about.
    • First take a look at the logs to see what happened and in what order. (Note it down if you have to)
    • Next re-run the adventure while keeping an eye on affected stats (vitality, stress, skill steps, location list (it's under "lore" tab on the left), pheme list, etc.)
    • If a certain choice affects any of your stats the changes will take effect right in the middle of the adventure. (Do note however that skill levels displayed in the left window are sometimes not updated, however clicking on said skill should bring it up in context window which WILL have updated skill level displayed)
    • Be mindful of secondary effect popping up mid-adventure. Some levels of some skills can cause increases to relationships, skill expansions, locations informing etc.


  • All Familiar-related Adventures are in the Familiar Subcategory and not on this main page (to save list space).
  • Not all adventures are listed and information that is unknown or unconfirmed is indicated by '?'.

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