A list of items one can find in the game.

Items are used be selecting "Use Item" in the calendar menu.

For Abilities, Spells and Actions look in the corresponding categories.

Items either have to be used by "Use Item" as above or have passive effects (raise skills/attributes etc.), depending on the item.

For both, items have to be worn on your person, as opposed to being stored in your Wardrobe (toggle Inventory top/middle of the screen). For passive effects you have to wear them by dragging them onto the dummy on the right or right-click them with your mouse.

To avoid professors confiscating your items, mind your conceal skill vs. the items' concealability. A lower concealability means, the item is easier to hide, a "0" concealability means you don't have to worry about it. Items in your wardrobe are safe no matter what.

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