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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 6[]

Celsus' Maze is an incredible construction that defies the eye's ability to follow its every line and curve. Rumors swirl around what may or may not be contained in the Maze, though no one will confirm for sure what they've found because no one is willing to step forward and admit that they have beaten the Maze. The unspoken code of honor among the victors of the Maze (whatever they call themselves) states that they will not reveal any of the Mazes' secrets, though what penalty they are under is also unclear. The overgrowth of vines and trees in this area has kept it out of use for years, giving a viewer plenty of time relax and observe the Maze away from the usual areas, which are packed with people wanting to learn the secrets of the Maze.


Celsus' Maze: Observation Point (Active)[]

A visit here will increase your Architecture Subskill by 1 step, Painting Subskill two steps and Puzzles by 1 steps.

Unlocked by[]