Chance of Discovery is a property for every Location in the game, usually a value between (0) to (15) percent.

The chance is given in percent (%), as are its modifications.

Chance of Discovery applies to all activities at a location, either using it actively (normally as an Ability) or passively by selecting it as the place to conduct another activity when you confirm your daily actions.

Being discovered by a teacher at a location will result in a Reprimand for Trespassing, if you have no Visitation Rights to that location

Visitation Rights are sparsely given, examples include Discover Libraries option at Character Creation or Professor Aventyrare's Private Office for a Favor of 2.

At locations with a Chance of Discovery (0) you are totally safe, it is unclear whether general positive modifiers change this.

Effects on Chance of Discovery

Chance of Discovery can be influenced by the following effects:

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