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The Change Opinion Spell will permanently expand the Relationship between any two characters by 2 points. A successful casting requires a difficult Charm/Revision Roll (v. 12), and the spell can only be cast once every day and a half.

This surprisingly straightforward spell does just what one thinks it will do...increase their relationship with another person. The potential uses of this spell need not be gone into in depth; suffice it to say that any spell which may lessen a rivalry and/or increase the bonds of an already extant relationship is worth every moment spent casting. The fact that this spell can increase the relationship between two people entirely unrelated to the caster adds additional flavor to its uses, but again, only for those intelligent enough to see its finer points.


Charm + Revision vs 12

  • Expand Relationship with Choice of Character

Action Type[]

  • Beneficial

Spell Types[]

  • Emotion
  • Revision


Duration: 9[]

Unlocked by[]