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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

The Stone Bench is the second waypoint along the Chauranglaith Path, though calling it a bench is much like calling a paper ship thrown into the air a merchant ship. This irregularly shaped stone slab rests on two mid-sized boulders of unequal size, forcing the resting walker to see things from a certaln odd slant. This slanted view only makes the words carved on the bench even more poignant. The words say, "If what you see is not true, is it there? If what you feel is false, can it exist? If we cannot trust our senses, can we trust our minds?"


Chauranglaith Path: The Stone Bench (Active)[]

Visitor's to the second waypoint of the Chauranglaith Path (the Stone Bench) will Expand a random Dialectic Sub-skill by 2 Steps, and their mastery of Enchantment Theory by 1.

Unlocked By[]