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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 6[]

The Chef’s Guild Hall is a throwback to days when most cooking and baking was done by totally human hands; the state of disrepair the building is in reflects the state of disrepair the guild finds itself in as well.  This chapter of the Guild finds itself occupied by men and women who have only two things in common…their love of food and their ability to speak some form of Merilien.  Simply hanging around the hidden roof cubby will allow some of their language skills to rub off on you, and you might even pick up a new recipe here or there.   


Chef's Guild Hall: Roof Cubby (Passive)[]

If you can climb up to the hidden roof cubby, your Merilien and Recipes Skills will be increased by 2 points for the duration of your stay.

Unlocked by[]