Students' individual Clique Abilities are inculcated on everyone who is a member of that Student's Clique.

Some Clique Abilities are passive and work automatically (always on), as long as that Student is a member of your Clique, others have to be actively used as Abilities in your Calendar. Some have a Duration (in Cycles, i.e. 6 means one day) indicating either cool-down time or how long it lasts.

Below is a sortable table listing all students and their Clique Abilities.

  • It is somewhat limited in explanation, so if you feel intrigued, follow the link to the Student in question
  • Roll: means, you have to succeed at a check, sometimes contested. See Student page.
  • 50% Chance (or just the percentile) means, this only works with that chance
  • +5%, -2% and the like are Chance of Success Modifiers
  • several skill in a row means they all get the same bonus listed at the end
  • if a skill is not in the "Increase Skill" column, it's expanded or decreased for an enemy

  • some question marks remain. Please contribute if you can. When editing, do not put a "+" in as first character. If you can format the table with an alternate highlighting background, I'd be much ingratiated. --Saradoc (talk) 15:21, February 10, 2013 (UTC)

Name Duration Attributes Increase Skill Special Penalties
Aaran Ledale active 5 days Fitness +1

Luck -1

Endurance +5 Chance of Random Event +5% Pure Luck -5
Alan Driscoll passive Luck +1 Explore +1, Concentration/Dedication +2 Conversation -2 !
Amada Kiffer active 4 days Charm +1 Courtly Hairstyles + 2
Ana Flavia Bessa passive Th. Glamour/Th. Enchantment +1, Th. Incantation/Th. Revision +2, Th. Negation +3
Antonio de Reyez e Irizarry-Vargas passive Listen, Lip Reading, Bassan, Merilien, Oncestrian, Vilocian +1 Patience -1

Temperance -2

Asmita Tidar passive Baking +1, Greengrocery, Recipes +2
Ausdauer Mollers active 42 Character Study +1 Chance of Success Social Actions, Abilities +33%
Aveline Cincebeaux passive Observation/Perception +2, Awareness +1 Confidence (-2), Character (-1)
Avgust Kostrodyrets passive every "Famous sth." Skill +3 Conversation -2
Aymeri Couer passive Character Study +2, Listening, Infiltration +1
Basia Rydz act. ? days Concentration +3, Choice of Skill +4 Conversation -2
Beatrix von Wetgen active 42 Navigation, Cartography +2
Cante Caviti passive Analyze +1, Alchemical Tools +3, Chemistry +2 Logic -2
Carmine Sturzo passive Chance of Discovery -3% !
Caspar Pfeuffer passive Painting, Illustration, Forms, Forgery +1
Catherine Chard passive Confidence, Etiquette and Politics +1
Cinzia Ammacapani passive Confidence +1, Coordination, Logistics +2 Leadership-3
Cirillo Laziosi active win/lose 10 Pims contested roll
Cordelia Troublepot passive Drafting, Clockwork, Negotiation +1
Corradin d'Alfi passive Etiquette +2, Politics, Intrigue +3
Cosetta Re active 36 Observation, Perception +3, Awareness, Danger Sense +2
Courtenay de Surval active 2 days Skill of Choice Study Level +5
Cyrus Dawes passive Flirting, Heraldry +2, Dating Skill Maximum +3 Ethics -2, Concentration -1
Durand de Thiomines active 36 3x Expand random Incantation Subskills +1 !
Eduard Solov'ev passive Confidence, Courage +2
Eliana Carosi active 20 Explore, Navigation +3
Els Rottmundyn active ? Choice of Skill +?
Emilia Picotti passive Charm +1 Befriend, Listen +2, Conversation +1, Beguile +1 !
Emilia Strolin passive Parental Approval +25
Everwine von Zoedorf active 42 Choice Student Composure, Playfulness -2, Confidence -2
Flore Yveuillet passive Parental approval +35
Girars de Periarde passive Cooking +2, Greengrocery +3, Recipes +1
Grainne Inneith passive Bluff, Deceit, Spy +2 Character -2
Gwendy Zuyder active 42 Roll: add random Living Creature
Hector Per Vittoria passive Bond +3 !
Herbert Downes active Chance of Discovery -2%, Student of Choice Chance of Failure +5%
Honors Plafox passive Stress Maximum +2, Stress Minimum -2
Irene Oxina passive Wrestling/Running +3, Competition +2 Compete -3
Isabeau Glorieux active ? weeks 50% Chance: 250 Pims
Iustus Venture passive Passion +2, Endurance, Competition +1
Jere Niemela passive Voice, Composure, Oratory +1
Joana Lio y Rossollo passive Skill Maximum Intimidation +5, Interrogation, Silent Movement, Tease +4
Katja Quinnecht passive Pray for Calm/Pray for Guidance Action +3, Stress Maximum +2 Intimidation -2
Kurt Henning active ? Expand random Incantation +1 SS
Lambert Cobo passive 42 75% Information on random student
Leopold Rassent passive Flirting, Innuendo +1, Intrigue +2
Llarina de Avuel active Choice Student Enspell -3, Concentration, random Skill -4
Louise Kandinsky passive Intimidation +3

Temperance, Courage +1

Composure, Confidence -1
Luti Jaconelli passive Intimidation, Playfulness, Athletics +2 Art Appreciation -2
Magalda Quaranta passive Rimbal Plays, Rimbal Tactics +3, Rimbal Positions +1 Concentration -1 Composure -2
Magsa Nembo passive Creativity, Observation, Flawless Timing +1 Expand Skills?
Mairgrete Strakley passive Pure Luck, Explore, Patrol +1 Expand Skills?
Malacresta Vercesi passive 2 random Astrology Subskills +1 Chance of Success: Gambling +?%
Malthezar Mhadi passive Anthropology, Cartography +2, Storytelling +3, Diction +1
Marc Sury active 18 Jeweler, Metallurgy, Courage +2, Famous Songs +1
Milena di Montors active 24 Expand Choice Subskill +3 SS
Miya Hikari passive Composure, Conceal, Deceit +2 Ethics -2
Montague Ruffo active 18 Conversation +4, Innuendo, Persuasion +3
Neso Ulleri passive Temperance, Listening, Courage +1
Neta Xemutre passive Charm +1 Courtly Fashion +1
Noemia Falcon y Paredes passive Danger Sense +4, Traps, Demi-Tour +3 Courage -3, Awareness -1
Olivia Solari passive Dating +1, Flattery, Romance, Flirting +2
Oriabel Sidot passive Coordination, Perception, and Passion +2
Philip Hauck active 42 2x Expand Relationship Instuctors +1 Expand Stress +1
Philippe Marchant active 14 Competition +3, Compete +1, Manipulation/Intimidation +2 Conversation -3, Befriend -1
Piccolet Gleyre active Expand Choice of Character Stress +2
Prudence Cossins active 36 Luck +1 Confidence +2, Danger Sense, Awareness +1
Raoul Leconte active 18 Roll: Increase Choice of Skill +1
Reitz von Lutersee active 42 50% Expand Relationship random Instructor +?
Rikildis von Kiep active 36 Roll: Student of Choice 3x -4 random Skill
Rixenda la Serena active 36 Inform random location Academagia
Rui da Casga active Roll: Choice of Character Confidence, Composure -1, Danger Sense +1, Reprimand !
Sheary Warrington active 8 Re-Rolls at missed chances
Sigalis du Sonmeil passive Willpower, Patience, Debate, Wit +1
Silke Niederstatter passive Fitness +1 Stress Minimum -3, Stress Maximum +4 !
Sima Venesico passive Confidence, Compete +1 Stress Maximum +1
Tabin Furenzti passive Ambush, Manipulate, Strategy +1
Tacito Viadana active 42 50% Choice of Student: Reprimand !
Tulia Faspalla active 42 Confidence +1 Roll: Stress -1
Uliva Valaresso passive Move Silently +2, Danger Sense +1
Vettor Conta passive Practical Jokes +3, Planning +2 Dating, Flirting -1
Vincent Eins passive Luck +1 Chance Random Events +5%
Vincent Warrender passive Duel Conduct +2, Duelling Forms, Duelling Circles +1
Vrenelle Bonvin active ? days Choice Athletics Subskill +?
Vuillaume Eparvier passive Revision/Incantation/Negation Methods +2 !
Zoe Melis active 42 Expand Choice Study Level +2, Choice of Subskill +2 !
Zorzi Galea active 6 Chance of Success: cast Air Spell +3%
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