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Region: (none listed)[]

Chance of Discovery: 0[]

Just an ordinary place…nothing special about this particular spot of ground at all.  The only reason this means anything to you is because this is where your clique likes to meet when they have spare time.  The friendly environment and playful banter transmits a bit to your familiars as well, assuming everyone brought their familiars with them, of course.  Getting together like this requires quite a bit of coordination, since the meeting place changes each time to take into account everyone’s schedules; as long as one person has a high enough Coordination Skill in the clique, setting up this kind of a meeting won’t be too hard to do.  


Clique Meeting Marker (Active)[]

Visiting the Clique Meeting Marker will increase the bond between each member of the Clique and their Familiar by 2 points for a duration of 4 days.

  • Increase Bond for all Clique Members

Unlocked By[]