Region: Academagia

Chance of Discovery: 2


Closet Forge (Ability)

A trip to the Closet Forge will Expand your Metallurgy Subskill, and another random Forge Subskill, by 1 Step.

Smelting Furnace

Smelting Furnaces are located within Forges and Increase one's Metallurgy Skill by 4. In order to use a Smelting Furnace, one must have considerable Courage >= 5, a Bar Mold, and a Master Workstation.

Forge Heart

This Ability Increases your Metallurgy and Forge Skills by 2. You must be in possession of Tongs and an Anvil.

Jeweler's Workstation

Users will find their Jeweler Skill Increased by 3 and Metallurgy and Creativity Skills Increased by 2 each. You must be in possession of Jeweler Picks or Ruckmarn Jeweler Picks.

Unlocked by

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