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Cordelia Troublepot

College: Vernin

Familiar: Pelton the Northern Dreaming Spider

It’s fairly simple for students to make things. A flick of the wrist, the proper pronunciation and voila! That’s how your average student does it, but not Cordelia. She is not only an excellent craftsman, preferring only to use magic to help make her inventions safe, but she is also, first and foremost, an inventor. Cordelia’s earned herself quite a reputation, working hard to fill orders from her fellow students for all sorts of random devices. She doesn’t even charge except for whatever she needs to complete her next project. This had made her popular with some merchants in Admiratio, but she might be expanding her business before she’s fully ready...

Ability: Skilled Hands[]

Cordelia enjoys perpetual two-point Increases to her Artisan and Clockwork Subskills, and 15% Increases to her Chance of Success at Reverse Engineering and at Study Item.

Cordelia’s talent at creating and modifying items isn’t something anyone can just pick up; instead, it takes skilled hands combined with years of study to get this good. Cordelia has a better chance of Reverse Engineering an item than most other people do, and her skill at Artisan and Clockwork is astounding.

Clique Ability: Gears upon Gears[]

As a member of Cordelia's inner circle, you're privy to her Engineering insights - and also to all the steps she takes to sell or trade away the fruits of her labors. With her example so close at hand, you're set to enjoy one point Increases to Drafting, Clockwork and Negotiation for the entire duration of your friendship.


Arithmetic, Dialectic, Enchant, Geometry, Incantation, Music

Good skills[]

Artisan, Carpentry, Clockwork, Drafting

Base Attributes[]

Fitness: 1, Finesse: 1, Charm: 3, Strength: 1, Intelligence: 7, Insight: 1, Luck: 1

Personality Preferences[]

Likes: Expand Engineering, Expand Drafting, Expand Clockwork, Expand Forge, Expand Negotiate

Dislikes: Expand Rimbal, Expand Gossip, Expand Heraldry


  • Becoming the Machinist (Engineering)
  • Mad Trader (Economy, Negotiate, Persuasion)
  • Better the College (Merit and Relationships - Vernin)
  • Academic Success (Study)
  • Familiarize the Familiar (Bond and Familiar)

Adventure: A Mind for Repairs[]