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The Corrode Pheme will decrease by 1 point the durability of any item it targets. The difficulty level is 3.

As it stands, the Corrode Pheme is known to be known by 5 people on the island of Mineta. Three of them teach at the Academagia, one is a member of the Imperial Temple, and one lives in a secret chamber in the Grand Library of the Academagia. While it may not seem important to know this Pheme, the spells that can be cast using it have been known to create havoc wherever they are seen. Therefore, it has always been up to the Legate of the Academagia to guard the knowledge of this Pheme. That someone has seen fit to pass this information on to one outside the select group of five is a sign of high favor indeed.

Rarity Type: Legendary[]

Difficulty: 3[]


  • Increase Durability -1

Spell Types[]

  • Corporeal (Magnitude = 7)
  • Corrode (Magnitude = 7)

Unlocked by[]