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Cosmetics is a subskill of Aesthetics.


Dominant Attribute: Charm

Levels and Unlocks:[]

1: Ulland Illithan's Bare Necessities Catalog, Page 2 (Shop)

2: Turmoil in the Winds (Lore)

3: Charm (Pheme), Silence of Intimate Understanding (Lore)

4: Spavia Theatre - Makeup Artist

5: Liquid Base (Item)

6: Ulland Illithan's Bare Necessities, Merchant (Shop)

7: A Strange Relationship (Lore)

8: Q'iara's Throat Cream (Item)

9: Seduce (Pheme), The Glittering City (Lore)

10: Nature Base Tree (Location)

11: Expand Charm

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