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Culibratha's Ring will Increase one's Mastery and Mastery Phemes Skills by +2. The ring also has Affinities with the Command (x2) and Order (x1) Phemes.

Legends of the wizard Culibratha’s gift for Mastery are, well, legendary. His descendant Culiman is willing to part with Culibratha’s Ring, which is noted for its embodiment of Culibratha's talent. It's very illegal, though, and there's something about it that attracts the attention of other wizards - and not in a friendly way. It's therefore harder to conceal than most other rings.

Wearing Culibratha's Ring will Increase your Mastery and Mastery Phemes Skills by 2.


Item Type[]

  • Ring
  • Durability type: Durable
  • Durability: 1
  • Size: 0
  • Concealability: 2
  • Worth: 990
  • Illegal

Recipe Information[]

  • Quality: 3

Gained from[]