Once your skill with Botany is sufficiently high, you are invited to explore some of the more exotic fields of the Academagia campus - particularly the "Unclaimed Fields", whereat you can experiment with magically accelerated growth. If your Intelligence is sharp and your mastery of Botany is strong (Intelligence/Botany Roll v. 6), you can guide a seed (grudgingly provided by the Academagia faculty) to maturity in a single turn, procuring for yourself a random Plant. In the process, though, you temporarily agitate the soil and the enchantments in which the plant grew - which means a four-day wait until you can repeat the process.


  • Inform Unclaimed Fields
  • Add Plant
    • Dragon's Tongue (Item)
    • Herbs (Item)
    • Ice Lily (Item)
    • Pink Berries (Item)
    • Poet Tree Leaf (Item)
    • Purple Flower Bloom (Item)
    • Rose with Golden Petals (Item)
    • Sassdrake (Item)
    • Schwarzbart Weed (Item)
    • Sprig of Peaceblossom (Item)
    • Tin-Ki-Tan Root (Item)
    • Water-Lethe (Item)
    • Weaselsail Fern Stem (Item)

Action Type

  • Beneficial
  • Agriculture

Duration: 24

Unlocked by

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