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College: Avila

Familiar: Jumper, the Golden Storm Pointer Dog

Cyrus is virtually a work of art. His cheekbones are high, his nose is straight, his hair has just the right amount of curl to it, his eyes are bright and clear. When he walks, his steps are even and purposeful. His voice is filled with resolution. The Academagia boys hate Cyrus. Most of the girls love him. Everyone, however, finds it hard to believe that someone could be that beautiful -- especially the Aranaz boys, who have some particular grudge against him.

Ability: Beauty in the Eye of All

Cyrus is just plain beautiful; this beauty can be noted in his increased Charm (+1), better sense of the romantic (Dating and Romance Skills +2), and overall feel for all things beautiful (Aesthetics Max +2).

Some people have what is generally known as "the look"; Cyrus has enough of the look that even those who already have it are jealous. For most people, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; for all people, though, beauty is personified in Cyrus. Males may not like it, but deep down, even they must admit that his charm is undeniable and his chin is perfectly formed.

Clique Ability: Reflected Beauty

Those who benefit from Cyrus’s friendship will also note benefits to their Flirting (+2) and Heraldry (+2) Skills as well as an Increase to their Dating (+3) Skill Maximum; on the downside, Cyrus’ friends will also note decreases to their Ethics (-2) and Concentration (-1) Skills for some reason.

Just knowing Cyrus isn’t enough to boost one’s self-esteem or social standing; being part of his inner circle of friends, however, carries some benefits. Cyrus is a bit slippery on a few things, but one thing is for certain: those who know him well know better ways to treat the opposite sex and keep them.


Astrology, Athletics, Geometry, Glamour, Music, Rhetoric

Good skills

Flirting, Revision Methods, Theory of Glamour

Base Attributes

Fitness: 1, Finesse: 1, Charm: 7, Strength: 1, Intelligence: 1, Insight: 2, Luck: 2

Personality Preferences

Likes: Expand Conspicuousness, Expand Flirting, Expand Research

Dislikes: Expand Agriculture, Expand Calligraphy, Expand Cooking


  • Know the Tricks (Character Study, Enchant, Glamour, Revision)
  • Live Large (Flirting, Romance, Expand Relationship - Female)
  • Wuv. Twue Wuv. (Confidence, Flirting, Expand Relationship - Opposite Sex)
  • Academic Success (Study)
  • Familiarize the Familiar (Bond and Familiar)

Adventure: The Charming Plan of Cyrus Dawes