Academagia Wiki


Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

Between all the props and the ropes and locked rooms lies a tiny space for actors and actresses to dart between on their way to their next cue. Being back here at any time, whether there's a performance going on or not, will give just enough of a taste of the acting life as to expand your Acting Skill through sheer osmosis. Sadly, there's only so much you just 'hanging out' can do, and once someone advances past level 7 Acting, this area becomes useless to them.


Join in Backstage at the Dimmae Theater (Active)[]

Heading Backstage at the Dimmae Theater for a few frantic labor will Expand your Acting, Theatre and Carpentry by 1 Skill Step each - at least, until the Acting skill passes the 7th level. Then you're just lollygagging.

Look Around the Dimmae Theatre (Active)[]

You have the option of just wandering around the Dimmae Theatre - the place is the size of a small palace, and there are several different Locations contained within it; touring through them will Expand both your Theatre Skill and your Architecture Skill by 1 Step each.

Unlocked by[]

  • Art - Theatre 8
  • Look Around Dimmae Theatre (at any Dimmae Theatre location)