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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

The Dimmae Theater puts on excellent productions each and every scholastic year, with actors coming from both inside the school and out. Part of the mystique of the theater is total immersion, and part of that immersion is never letting the crowd see the actors enter or exit the theater when they're not in costume. To make that happen, the Dimmae Theater installed a tunnel leading from the woods outside to its Green Room, the large, magically locked room where actors hang out. Simply being in the same room as them improves your wit and spices up your writing: even better, no one knows who you are and no one asks… if you're cool enough to find your way into the room, you're cool enough to be there, period.


Hang Out in Dimmae Theater's Green Room (Passive)[]

Visitors to the Dimmae Theater: Green Room will enjoy 2 point Increases to Wit and Creativity for the duration of their stay.

Look Around the Dimmae Theatre (Active)[]

You have the option of just wandering around the Dimmae Theatre - the place is the size of a small palace, and there are several different Locations contained within it; touring through them will Expand both your Theatre Skill and your Architecture Skill by 1 Step each.